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Printed Books - Titles and Contents

PPHC Printed Books

Ronald Pegg - Queensland

Ancient Chronicles Unsealed
ANCIENT CHRONICLES UNSEALEDA compilation and an overview of seven years of Pegg's discoveries and findings.
Mesopotamian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian and Hebrew God stories involved time travellers. Also North American Indian and Australian Aboriginal stories.

Also contains additional investigations and findings by Eddy Pengelly which include information from the 'time travel' works of the British researcher Jenny Randles, and new data extracted from 'The Bible Code 2' book by Michael Drosnin.

Nostradamus Unsealed
Reveals how Nostradamus obtained his 'future information' and identifies a computer as the apparatus utilized to do so.
Matches described events from Quatrains and his other works to actual Historical Events of the 20th and 21st Centuries.
Reveals that the American 11 September 2001 incident at the World Trade Centre plus its lead up events are documented in Presages 69 to 74.

Eddy Pengelly  pictured

This South Australian researcher was the first to confirm these discoveries.
He then conducted his own extensive research and made further breakthroughs which include the same Computer Technology being depicted by the ancient Egyptians. A series of 5 Books present his discoveries and findings

from 2003 South Australia

A New Perspective - The Bible and Nostradamus
The Bible contains several reports of Time Travel encounters
The Creation Myth exposed.
Historical dated events for biblical End Time Signs identified.
The Gospel of Mark describes dvd pictures.
Nostradamus - His Sestets and Presages reveal their secrets.
Pegg is named as the 'future' Teacher.

A New Bible Commentary - Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelations
Ezekiel's 'Wheels within Wheels' were a time travel encounter, not a UFO.

Ezekiel and Daniel's 'beasts' and 'visions' refer to imagery from modern dvds.

The Book of Revelations is an account of a Time Traveller visiting John in 95CE and showing hims 'future' history and the imagery from three modern dvds.

A New Understanding - Egyptian Gods and Atlantis
Akkadian Mythology - Enuma Elish Poem.
Egyptian Mythological Gods, Pyramid Texts, Coffin Texts, The Book of the Dead, The Papyrus of Ani, and Hieroglyphs.
Hebrew Book of Formation - Sepher Yetzirah.  Arks in the Bible - Noah's Ark.
Atlantis - City, Island, and Ringed with 5 rings.

Penguins, Square Pegs, and Coincidences
This book presents a brief look into the personal lives of two Australian researchers who, between them, made a succession of astounding findings that can only be described as world-breaking discoveries.

A complete copy of Pegg's Diary Notes are included.

Brief preview of Case Studies

'Part Two' mentioned in this video was intended to be viewed at a later Workshop.

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Now from 2018 on behalf of PPHC, Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group Adelaide is making these printed Bookls available by post.

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